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High-volume data

500,000 feedback responses collected and reported daily

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Proven results

Customer dissatisfaction decreases 19% in just 12 months
HappyOrNot key metrics

We help you achieve your key metrics



Focus areas

Staff availability
Product availability
Checkout process
Store layout

Strategic action

Example: Data shows poor CX index during lunch hours

Cause: Lack of available staff

Action: Implement work shift changes to ensure coverage


Conversion rate

Focus areas

Staff availability
Product availability

Strategic action

Example: Data shows low CX index with staff friendliness

Impact: Declining conversion rate and sales

Action: Retrain sales to engage with and smile at customers


Customer retention

Focus areas

Checkout process
Store layout

Strategic action

Example: Data shows low CX index at a certain store

Impact: Decline in footfall and customer churn

Action: Deploy CX training to management and staff

How you can monetize retail CX insights


of customers find CX more important than price


more likely to make an additional purchase


increase in revenue growth for CX leaders vs. CX laggards
HappyOrNot ROI calculator image

How much can you grow?

Find out how much you can increase your retail sales by leveraging customer experience data! The calculator is designed for portrait usage on mobile or desktop.

Leverage data into actionable insights

Real-time CX tracking

Track your performance via real-time trending data. The blue Happy Index line pinpoints the exact time and place of CX decline so that you can investigate causes in order to take action immediately.

Location-based comparisons

Get full visibility into the performance of each area / location you manage, and even drill down to see trending data of each. This helps you test and verify change actions to improve low performers.

CX performance snapshot

See the status of your key performance results in one glance. We summarize all of your most important details so you can focus on the red flags, while having peace of mind for well performing metrics.

Many ways to integrate and display your results

HappyOrNot API integration

API integration

Integrate the result data to your company’s own dashboard
HappyOrNot email reports

Automated reports

Summarized results delivered via email to your users
HappyOrNot reporting app

Mobile app

On-the-go data analytics, at your fingertips
HappyOrNot results social sharing

Online sharing

Post your results on your website and social channels

Want to boost your revenue with real-time CX insights?

Top retailers fuel their growth with retail CX insights powered by HappyOrNot

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